Monday, May 23, 2011

Thumbs up!

So I had this dream the other night about this guy that use to work in the cafeteria. We haven't used aliases in a while, let's call him Joe! (I'd forgotten how fun aliases were!) He was hoot! He was like that skinny, long haired, bad boy that you sort of wanted to get with but would never admit to your friends if you did. He was huge flirt with all the girls which made it all the more fun. So I’m at church, not necessarily my church but there are people milling around and we are in the kitchen area and I turn around and there is Joe cooking in the church kitchen. Except instead of having his hair pulled back into a pony tail and his hat on (the way I saw him every morning for the past 14 years) he had his hair down. It was so soft and shiny. And it cascaded around his shoulders in big waves. It shone. As if the sun were rising behind his head. I was trying to tell him how much we've missed him and I could see that he was saying something back to me but I couldn’t hear the words. All of a sudden my entire mind was consumed with the fact that Joe was the Messiah. Here standing in the church kitchen. All along Joe had been Jesus! He smiled at me and gave me the thumbs up and then walked away.....

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